Towards a new year

First of all thank you to everyone involved with our company during last year – our application users, customer companies and other friends. It has been a ride to say the least with a lot of development happening. Sunduka took its first steps in big industry events and launched major new partnerships with big Finnish brands and household names such as Ivana Helsinki and Suomen Messut. We believe that this year will be even more eventful.

We think that our apps truly are great pieces of software that can benefit both companies and users. Now that Sunduka’s great team is running full speed, the applications are being tested and our users are giving us valuable feedback, we are aiming to take the next step and make our services available to everyone, worldwide. We strive to achieve great things, so watch out for exciting news on FacebookTwitter and here in this blog and we will keep you posted.
Thank you for all your user feedback and if there is anything that you would like to tell us, just drop us a line at

Sunduka Team