Ringi – Re-invent Your Phone Calls

Ringi_logo_newSince the launch of Ringi, we have gathered extensive user feedback. Last autumn we sat down with the team, aiming to clarify and simplify the user experience of the product. We focused on re-shaping the Ringi UI/UX flow experience. We believe that to improve the existing Android call experience (that we think is far from optimal) is the key mission of our product. The good thing about re-designing the product was that we ourselves also had to be clear about what we wanted to achieve. So after some hectic months with lots of planning, developing and many hours of coding, we proudly introduced the new Ringi 3.0 to the world as well as a new logo!

Ringi Sliders

It has been 2 months since the Ringi  (3.0.1) released on Google Play, Samsung App Store and various Chinese leading Android App Stores. Our confidence and satisfaction grows as the number of downloads increase (please see the chart below).

Ringi downloads









We are grateful that  more and more users like Ringi. The rating improvement in various App Stores suggests that we are on the right track. We will continue developing the product to provide best possible calling experiences for the users.

Go to the new Ringi site to learn more and to download!