On our way to China

Few weeks ago we had Chinese journalists visiting Sunduka in Helsinki and after the visit we have got some nice publicity in China. Some of the media, we have to say are the most important and influential media in China such as China Daily and People’s Daily.

If you are fluent in Mandarin or in good terms with Google translator,have a look at the China Mobile article about Sunduka and Ringi. In short, the article describes the huge opportunity that billions of calls made every day offer and highlights the great possibility Ringi offers for consumers to have fun with calls and the benefits that businesses can utilize with Ringi.

We are also happy to announce that Ringi is now live in already five Chinese app stores. You can find Ringi on:

And there are still more stores to come..soon!

We have also made Ringi video in Chinese, you can check out the video from Youko. Enjoy!