Mobile is not just the hot topic of the moment – It is the future

We are currently facing a change in media consumption comparable in size and scope to the outbreak of the Internet. Mobile device numbers are projected to exceed the number of humans on earth by the year 2016.

This means explosive growth in mobile markets. Expected mobile marketing expenditures are 40 billion for 2015. This growth is based on four main factors:

1) Enormous growth in smartphone owners (for example in Finland 90 percent of new phones sold, are smartphones.
2) The smartphones are equipped with an inexpensive or fixed price data subscription.
3) Appstores enable easy adoption and use of applications.
4) Use of internet is transitioning from PC’s to mobile devices.

How to choose between the two strategies: native apps or mobile-optimized webpages?

So called native applications (such as Sunduka’s Ringi and Mobiilikortti) optimize usability in each environment and they enable deeper usability and user experience.  An app can target the specific limitations and abilities of each individual device much better than a website can while running inside a browser. Therefore all sources are unanimous in telling you that apps are the best bet at the moment. Support for this opinion was voiced by for instance Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg who openly admitted concentrating too much on HTML5 was a mistake for the company. (techcrunch article)

Creating a native app is costly and time consuming especially if developed for all platforms. This is where Sunduka’s Mobiilikortti offering kicks in. We offer you a mobile channel without any initial investment in app development and you gain access for your company to all mobile platforms and our in-house product development makes sure you are always ahead of the competition.

Your customers are already in mobile and therefore it is essential for companies to develop a mobile strategy. So move fast and get a competitive edge against competition!